All settled


Hey everyone!

Soooo for the past 24 hours, I have been a resident of Toronto! YAY IT FINALLY CAME TOGETHER!!! Moving in went well, with the exception of building a very particular cabinet…thank god my father is a patient man! He and I lugged what seemed like endless loads up to the second floor while my mother-turned-interior-designer set up my dorm. You can see from the photo above that EVERYTHING MATCHES.

I’ll have a full review on jumpstart on Friday when I have full Internet access (iPhones are not happy blogging tools,, I’ll tell ya!). For now, I’m going to hunker down with my floor mate Cidney and enjoy some chai tea and The Breakfast Club 🙂 

Much love,

– the city’s newest addition!


One thought on “All settled

  1. Congrats Kiera on beginning your big Toronto adventure!! Your room looks great!! We are looking forward to seeing you when we return from our travels in October.

    Enjoy every moment of this exciting phase in your life!!

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