The best is yet to come…

Hello friends!

This past week, I was part of Glendon’s JumpStart program. An initiative to help ease the transition to university life, the courses are structured to ensure the success of every student as a whole person. Classes covered everything from stress and time management, to university-style writing and effective research habits. 


While the courses were concrete and helped me prepare for what will evidently be a huge change in my educational life, I think everyone at JumpStart would tell you that the real advantage we gained was a social one! As JumpStarters, we got a head start on getting to know our incoming classmates and other upper years students. We know where to find things around campus and who to direct our questions to. The familiarity I feel now is something that I’m incredibly grateful for, I can honestly say I feel at home in Toronto.

I’ve had the chance to meet a ton of new people, and have become great friends with some of them in a matter of days. Some of these awesome folks were people I’d connected with online, and often our reactions to meeting each other went something like this: “Oh….so you DO exist! And you’re not a robot! How cool!”

We’ve explored the city, been caught in the rain, ate some of the best meals together, and the list of shenanigans goes on! ANOTHER FEAT: I mastered the TTC! Huzzah!


I’m in my hometown this weekend, to say final farewells and wrap up some things here. While it feels nice to be home where I know what to expect, the unknown excites me and keeps me interested and engaged. I miss the buzz of the city already, I miss the energy of my new friends. I start Frosh on Monday, where I get to meet even MORE of my future classmates! Bring on the adventure – the best is yet to come. 

See you Monday (I hope!) and DFTBA,

– K


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