Heeeeeeyyy froshie froshie froshie!

Hello friends,

As I write this, I’ve escaped a great dance to claim some alone time to share my experiences of my first day of Glendon’s Frosh Week! 

After a weekend at home, my family did the “rise-and-shine” routine and made the trek to Toronto bright and early. I was greeted by the most incredible neon glittery costumed  D-Frosh leaders, who energetically pointed me in the direction of my residence (I had already moved in, but I loved the welcome wagon they rolled out!). See the picture below!!! (Credit to Michelle Kearns’ Twitter 🙂 )

After my family grabbed lunch down the street and said our goodbyes (shoutout to my sister for the BEST goodbye collage in the history of the universe!), I grabbed my frosh kit that was LOADED with goodies and headed to our residence meeting. The dons seem so friendly (Marika and Olivia, I love that I get to share E-house with you!), and it made the whole experience of living on campus that much more appealing. 

I met up with some friends from JumpStart and headed down to the pep rally…holy moses, I used to think I was really enthusiastic, and then I met the Frosh team! We cheered with the best of em, reppin’ Richard the Lionheart and ‘trashing’ rival universities (sorry to UofT’s engineers…you might need some aloe for that burn!).

I’m on the Pink Team (Rose, for you French folk), and it’s fun to see our group band together in crazy challenges and then dance it all out. SPEAKING OF DANCING! I’d better get back and face the music. More updates in Friday’s post!


– K

p.s. In case you wonder what DFTBA means, it stands for “Don’t forget to be awesome”, which is a Vlog Brothers reference. I guess I’m just a nerdfighter hoping that one day, by chance, one of the Greens will stumble upon this blog! #sorrynotsorry

p.p.s. If this post is dated something other than 10:30 pm on Monday September 2nd….It means that the bugs I THOUGHT I had worked out didn’t really work out. Please give feedback so I know! Thanks 🙂




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