Finding my niche: Frosh, classes, and community

Salut, tout le monde!

When I left you last, I was just starting my Frosh week at Glendon. To put it simply; it was an incredible week! Every day was jam-packed with activities for everyone to enjoy. These included pep rallies, multicultural banquets, beach days, pub nights, board game lounges, dodgeball tourneys, fundraisers, live music, ghost tours and more!

A chilly but beautiful and exciting day at Wasaga Beach with #GLFrosh2013! Check out those wicked D-Frosh jerseys!
A chilly but beautiful and exciting day at Wasaga Beach with #GLFrosh2013! Check out those wicked D-Frosh jerseys!

One of my favourite events was Casino Night, where all Froshies and D-Frosh leaders changed out of their neon team shirts and into their classiest attire. We then headed to a swingin’ rooftop party above the Centre of Excellence, where we could play the tables and try our hand at BlackJack and 21, capture memories in the Photobooth, or dance the night away on the moonlit patio!


Another favourite had to be the City Scavenger Hunt. The crazier the challenge, the more points we could score for our respective teams! My friends and I took shots of hot-sauce, proposed to strangers, faked an earthquake, jumped in fountains, and sang on the subway! I personally ate a raw onion, and for someone who has a legitimate fear of smelling bad (I dare you to find someone who owns more perfume, deodorant or toothpaste than I do), I thought I handled it pretty well!

My fellow PinkSquad member and I at the multicultural photo booth! SUCH  a good night!
My fellow PinkSquad member and I at the multicultural photo booth! SUCH a good night!

What I learned from Frosh week was this: in order to change your situation, you have to change your approach. Leave your comfort zone and embrace the consistently crazy changes. (For more reflections on Frosh, check out my friend Bryan’s blog here : In The Life Of A Freshman 🙂 )

Now that I’ve exited the comfort zone, it’s time for me to build a new routine. I’m a spontaneous person, but so far I’m loving the sense of stability I feel right now. I’ve started my first classes and literally all I want to do is be in school…hey, I warned you I was a geek! Seriously though, I’m learning about the things I am passionately curious about. My professors are the most compassionate, interesting, and knowledgeable people I could ever hope to have lead me in my education. From what I can tell, they are unbelievably dedicated to the growth and success of their students. HOW COULD I NOT LOVE CLASS?!

The single most integral factor in my adjustment here at Glendon was the community of peers I’ve been lucky enough to have in my corner. I have made a ton of new friends to the point where I could never possibly feel bored or alone on campus. Did you know, laundry parties are a thing at university? That someone will always want to sit with you at lunch or run errands with you at the bank and grocery store? I feel so comfortable with these people, whether sitting under the stars in the quad or sharing early morning coffee in the hallway. And it’s not just my friends and classmates! The Glendon community extends far beyond that. E-floor’s custodian, Daisy, is always wishing me good morning and laughing at my bad jokes. Chef Ryan knows my major and talks politics with me whenever I order from his kiosk. The residence porters say goodnight when I head upstairs, and Marlena the cashier has at least 3 nicknames for me already.

#ShamelessSelfie at Graffiti Pub Night with some beautiful new friends!
#ShamelessSelfie at Graffiti Pub Night with some beautiful new friends!

I was so worried about moving to the Big Smog losing that small-town charm, being “where everyone knows your name” and your presence is noticed. I am so lucky to experience this tight-knit community in the middle of such a vast city. I know I am valued and respected and appreciated here, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’m not home-sick at all, because THIS is my home.

That’s my Glendon gush for today, I’ll see all o’ y’all next Wednesday for updates on life-as-I-know it!

Much love and DFTBA,

– K




One thought on “Finding my niche: Frosh, classes, and community

  1. Hi cousin! How was frosh week? Glendon sounds amazing… Hope you’re enjoying!? How’s everyone at school? We are all fine at home, starting up another school year. I’ve got a package sitting on my bedroom floor for you, and I was wondering if we could chat sometime soon. My mum promised me a trip with her to your dorm thingie, but I doubt we’ll have the time to visit until Christmas! This year, I will be running all of the extra-curricular running activities like cross country and the Scotiabank marathon!!!!! Can’t wait!! Talk soon?!
    Your fave cousie,

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