Giving thanks

It’s a short and sweet one tonight, folks!

Before I head home to Belleville for the weekend for the holiday, I wanted to make a list of things I’ve been thankful for since I’ve moved to Glendon. 


I’m thankful for the beautiful campus I live on. I’m consistently inspired when I look out my window, and the greenery and fresh air really helps me clear my mind and feel focussed and peaceful. It’s really good for my stress level, and it’s helped me adjust!


I’m thankful for the amazing people I live with. They are supportive and funny and always so caring. I love you E floor! You guys are the reason I’ve never once felt homesick, because you make me feel like I belong here; that THIS is my home. 


I’m thankful to be part of #TeamAwesome, also known as the Glendon eAmbassador team. I’m learning so much, and I love working with them because they are hilarious, quirky, knowledgeable, and possibly the coolest group of people you’ll ever meet. It’s phenomenal to be on a team with the same people that assured me that Glendon was the right place for me 🙂


I’m thankful for my family and friends back home, who cheer me on from miles away. I appreciate their support so much, and am so empowered to have them standing behind me. To have people who truly want what’s best for you and believe in your dreams (sometimes more than you do!) is a blessing.



And finally, I’m thankful for opportunity. I’m thankful to be in a place where I feel safe to take chances, to pursue what I’m passionate about, and to enjoy each day as it’s handed to me. I love knowing that I’m making my own choices, that I own who I am entirely. And that’s pretty freaking fantastic!

Enjoy Turkey Day, wear your eating pants, and DFTBA!


– K




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