Tips for high school seniors – SCHOLARSHIPS

This weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of Glendon’s FALL CAMPUS DAY event 🙂 Prospective students from near and far came to check out our beautiful school and find out what GL had to the offer them.

I was placed at the almighty popcorn and Frabble station, where I would not only give out free food and play games with prospies, but also answer their questions and concerns. Not only was the day a blasty-blast, but I got to meet some amazing students and their families!

Go ahead, pop the question! ;) hehehe
Go ahead, pop the question! 😉 #BadPunsKieraMakes

Over the next couple of weeks, I’d like to address some of my top tips for senior students!

TOP TIP #1: Scholarships are like buried treasure. HUNT FOR ‘EM.

Full confession – in my super senior year of high school, I applied for scholarships, awards and bursaries like a madwoman. The result? I was able to pay 80% of my entire first year’s expenses in scholarships alone. Scholarships and awards are FREE MONEY – seriously. Unlike student or government loans, you don’t have to pay it back. You’ve won it. It’s yours!

Me receiving the York "Harry Arthurs Alumni Families Scholarship" which made school that much more accessible for me this year.
Me receiving the York “Harry Arthurs Alumni Families Scholarship” which made school that much more accessible for me this year.

You’re probably thinking “…but I won’t qualify for ANYTHING.”

LIES AND SLANDER. There is (I kid you not) a scholarship for everything. There are scholarships for being short. There are scholarships for guessing the number of candies in a jar. There are scholarships for athletes, scholars, volunteers, musicians, dancers, artists, techies, and people of any ethnicity you can name. You can get scholarships through your parents’ connections, be it a union, bank, or investment broker. Check out scholarships online on national databases, through your parents’ work, on the Glendon and York sites, in the newspaper, in local music festivals, and through your school’s guidance department. Depending on your grades, you could possibly be offered an entrance scholarship…no application required, Admissions will do all of the work for you 🙂

The cool thing is, once you get one scholarship, organizations will take note and be more inclined to give you another! It’s a totally awesome snowball effect. AND some scholarships are renewable and can be obtained in your upper years as well.

My high school guidance counsellor gave me this awesome piece of advice:

“If you apply for a scholarship that’s worth, say, $500, and you take 2 hours to apply for it, you have just made $250 per hour. No summer job will pay you that. So treat essay-writing, form-filling, and box-ticking like your job, and I promise it will pay you right back.”

Happy application season! DFTBA,




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