A mid-year check up – “Maintaining Balance”

Hey y’all!

This year has been off to a bumpy start for me, and I’m finding myself feeling waayyyy imbalanced. Yuck.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I adore to be busy – but sometimes when that busyness is mismanaged, it can lead to being overwhelmed. I live, study, work, and socialize at Glendon, so I really have to compartmentalize each of those things whenever I can.

SO. From now on, I want to stick to these 4 goals for staying balanced this semester.

1. Keep a schedule


This is so important in university, and I definitely underestimated just how important it would be. I like to keep myself free in order to go with the flow and remain spontaneous. Lately, however, I’ve been too free, and I’ve allowed myself to get lazy and not make plans. PLANS ARE COOL, I SHOULD MAKE THOSE. I’m reworking my schedule so that I have more efficient time slots for class, studying, working, social things, and that always needed chill-time.

2. Self – care


I’m the mother hen, the person who instinctively looks out for everyone else…but who looks out for me? I have to force myself to remember to take that time to sleep if I need it, eat well, treat myself, and learn to say “yes” to things and people that build me up, and “no” to the ones that drag me down. I’m not a great emotional multi-tasker, so I need that space and time to be alone – to reflect and relax.

3. Sustain relationships

I make time to see my grandparents every few weeks, they keep my feet on the ground
I make time to see my grandparents every few weeks, they keep my feet on the ground

I have many different people in my life, for many different reasons. My social life depends on me varying the characters in my life’s plot, and I’ve become aware that if I spend too much time with certain people, I neglect some others that are integral. I’m a super-social person, so while I need time to recuperate by myself, I have to make sure I don’t isolate myself from the friends and family who care most about me.

4. Be present and passionate


This is a biggie. See, going to class ain’t gonna get you an A, champ. Going to a party and standing on the sidelines won’t deepen your relationships. I know that personally, unless I’m listening and engaged in the task at hand – I’m NEVER going to absorb the information or experience the present. I’m at a place in my life where there is boundless opportunity at my fingertips, but I can’t allow myself to stop there. I’ve got to reach out and take advantage of it 🙂

Hope you found this helpful, and I’ll post again about one of my favourite topics in a few days time!


– K


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