City life

Hey everyone!

As someone from a smaller town, one of the most fun challenges was to navigate and explore the big city. Here are some of my favourite things to do here in Toronto!

Bloor Street Cinema – Shadow Cast Theatre

This past Halloween, my friends and I dressed up like characters from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and watched a special screening of the film at the Bloor Street Cinema. During the show, there was a “Shadow Cast” that acted out the movie on stage below the monitor. Staff at the theatre shouted out hilarrrrioussss commentary and sing-a-longs throughout. The show runs about once a month, definitely a fun night out if you’re a fan…I mean, they have other shows too, but for all intents and purposes, I’m excluding them.

Love this place.
Love this place.

Karaoke Mondays @ The Unicorn (19+)

I love going to pubs with friends. It’s a casual and warm social atmosphere, and pub food = love. Karaoke can also be a great time: whether or not you decide to actually sing, there are a ton of amateur performances that you won’t want to miss. Also, performers love if you sing and dance along! The Unicorn is very close to Glendon, a prime hangout for students.


BierMarkt (19+)

Well known fact – uni students love beer. Glendon is an incredibly international campus, so when my friends and I go out, we love to try brews and ciders from all over the world. Chocolate-coffee flavoured beer, anybody?


Yonge and Dundas

This is the ultimate hotspot for GL students. Not only is there one of T.O.’s most popular malls, the Eaton Centre, but there is an abundance of chain restaurants, a Cineplex, and there’s always something going on in Dundas Square. You’re likely to run into fellow Glendonites, which makes this huge city feel a little bit smaller 🙂

City lights
City lights

Queen Street West

I’m a bit of a bohemian, I love unique and cheap food. The shopping and restaurants here are so diverse, and are broken up with some hot brands like H&M, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel. As a senior in high school, my friends and I bought our prom gear in this neighbourhood 🙂

The street of many treasures
The street of many treasures

Kensington Market

The ultimate home of vintage stores, ethnic food, and crafty things. I geek out just walking down the street. Courage My Love is a store I love to explore, and it’s been around since my mom went to Glendon.


The Danforth

I’m addicted to gyros, souvlaki, and baklava, so Greektown really is the perfect place for me. Not to mention the Danforth Music Hall is an awesome venue, Allen’s has the BEST burgers I’ve ever eaten, and the parks and surrounding neighbourhoods provide so much life.

The Taste of the Danforth festival is a summer highlight!
The Taste of the Danforth festival is a summer highlight!

Skating in Nathan-Phillips Square

Winter tradition! You can rent skates or bring your own, but I guarantee you’ll love the twinkling canopy lights and the buzz of people laughing and skating around you. It’s so beautiful.

Nathan Philips Square


In the future, I’ll create a part two post….but for now, this should make you long for city adventures for a little while longer 😉


– K


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