Since when do I get homesick?!

So things have been crazy around here….to say the least.

I have 8 papers, 4 presentations, and 2 tests in the next two weeks before school ends and exam period begins.

I’m really loving my job as a research assistant and breaking some new ground in my field, and things have been great in the Recruitment Office…I’ve also been gearing up to start my summer job with a student tour company for the summer!

I’m jumping into my role as Premier of the Ontario Youth Parliament, which means lots of meetings and brainstorming and checking-in…ALL THE CONFERENCE CALLS!

Underneath it all, my personal life is total roller coaster, and I’m having trouble keeping up with it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way – love and loss and celebration are parts of life, right?

My release is music, and because of the busyness, my bandmates and I have trouble coordinating the odd practice time…but when we ARE together, the music is so fulfilling.

My life certainly is a juggling act – but I adore every minute of it. In fact, I get really glum and stir-crazy if my life isn’t jam-packed.

The Cat in the Hat is my spirit animal as of late
The Cat in the Hat is my spirit animal

I’m so connected to the life I have here, what with the zillion and two things I have on my plate. Lately, however, I’ve been getting pretty nostalgic for home, which really detracts from my focus here at school. This homesickness thing is pretty new for me, I’m truly a very independent person and I love living on my own.

I think there are a few reasons for this change of heart:

1. I need a slower pace. I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting really sick lately…perhaps due to being overworked, overtired, and not eating as well as I normally do…such is the reality of the “I live in the library” routine. I’ve worn myself out, and really need to be in a place that’s a little quieter and a lot less tense. I miss the right side of the living room couch, with my dog in my lap and a FRIENDS re-run playing on the television.


2. When the going gets tough, the tough want their mommies. I’m so close with my family, and that is both rare and special. Not only are we an awesome unit of shared DNA, but we’re all friends and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. When something goes right/wrong/totally wild in my life, those are the people I want to share it with. X’s and O’s are not the same in a text as they are in real life, and hearing the concern and support in their voices over the phone makes me ache to be next to them.


3. I feel like I’m missing out. I come from a smaller town with a tight-knit community, and I’ve had to face the music and realize that those communities move on even if I’m not part of them anymore. My sister and her senior class are shopping for their grade 12 prom, my youth group that I taught is putting on stellar events, the music community is gearing up for festival season, some people are getting married and others are passing on. While I have so much going on in my own life, I can’t help but wish I was a part of those experiences that I left behind when I moved here.


In short, I love my roots AND my wings…I just wish that the two aspects of my life were a little more balanced. Just two more weeks before I get to visit my old stomping ground! Keeping my head together until then!!

Just call me Dorothy
Just call me Dorothy 😉


– K


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